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You can practice skills in our Skills Practice area to help further develop your courage in practicing these skills with your co-parent and children. After each of the six video scenes, Children in Between Online gives you guided questions to address how each problem can be handled.

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This guides you on handling common issues in the future. At the end of each chapter, you will be given quizzes based on the knowledge of the scenes and information provided. These help to secure the knowledge you have learned to deal with those situations in your own life. The Center for Divorce Education.

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CDE's Children in Between is a skills based program that helps children and parents deal with the children's reactions to divorce. The program is based on research that identifies the most common and stressful loyalty conflicts experienced by children of divorce.

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Online court records are handled that way in Hamilton County to protect from identity theft in case any filings contain social security numbers or other personal information, said Triffon Callos, the chief of staff in the Hamilton County prosecutor's office. Kabat said concerns about identify theft are not a valid reason to keep public records off the website, especially records that are filed electronically.

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  7. Other courts around the country are able to avoid problems with identity theft and make records available to the public, he said. Lawyers and representatives of the media with special passwords are able to access court documents that haven't been sealed by a judge, and members of the public can obtain records through public records requests. Kabat said that barrier shouldn't exist, and not putting the records online rather than sealing them "is a distinction without a difference.

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    He said it's especially important for the public to have access to records in the homeless encampment case. Would you like to receive local news notifications on your desktop?

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